Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hey, Hey, Hey! It's Gary Johnson Video Day!

No empty chair. No roman columns. Just good ol' Libertarian thinking.

So cellurize yourselves and start talking up Libertarian Gary Johnson here in Georgia. Let's face it, we live in a red state and the republican nominee is gonna win here. Period.

So think a little deeper and ponder the fact that your vote has super powers. It can undo an injustice that was crafted by those rascally Dixiecrats back in 1943 that has kept Georgia an exclusive political preserve ever since. It doesn't take every vote in Georgia to do this, it does take at least 785,000. That's 20% of the expected turnout.

So if one in five of Georgia's voters is as smart as I think they are, as as outraged and insulted as I am and can actually get to the polls and vote for Gary Johnson, justice can be done.

Project 785!

20% or Bust!

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