Monday, July 9, 2012

Stirrin' the Pot at the AJC

Heads up Kids!

There's a great comment trail running over at Big Jim Galloway's Political Insider column at the AJC. Since he mentioned Allen Buckley's 2008 US Senate Run off without mentioning Allen Buckley's name, I felt compelled to correct the record. 

The readership is encouraged to head over and join the fun!

20% or Bust.

Here's my post:

Greetings All,

In the interest of accuracy, the 2008 US Senate run off was brought to you courtesy of the Georgia  Libertarian Party's US Senate Candidate Allen Buckley. The 127,923 votes he garnered in the general election (3.4%) threw the race into a run off and gave democrat Jim Martin another crack at the job. Alas, Saxby did prevail.

Please note that non-primary run offs are rare birds in Georgia due to the fact that our fair states ballot access laws have  reliably kept third party candidates from competing since around 1943. This election cycle alone will see about 119 incumbents down at the state house facing no opponents in the general election this fall. Does that sound like a functioning republic where competition breeds excellence?

How can the citizens of Georgia remedy this? Do not look to the legislature to welcome additional applicants for those sweet part time gigs in the State House or State Senate, they are quite content with the current republican and democrat plantations. The public does have a say in the matter and can force the state to open up Georgia's ballot access laws by simply casting a ballot for Libertarian Gary Johnson for President this fall.

One vote for Gary Johnson won't get it done. It will take on the order of 785,000 votes to hit the 20% threshold required by state law to elevate the Georgia Libertarian Party from political body status to full fledged political party with full spectrum ballot access. That's a pile of votes.

Here's the Project 785 proposition. If 350,000 less than gruntled republicans cast their vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson and are joined by 350,000 disaffected democrats and around 100,000 Georgia Libertarians we can bring about fundamental change to Georgia Politics.

No more uncontested races, at least two choices if not three and robust competition for political office as the founders of our republic intended. Live Free, Vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson.

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