Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Don't Vote No on T-SPLOST, Vote Hell No!

Do what the doughboy says.

Before we all rush to get bent once again for a 'transportation' issue lets remember the Ga 400 debacle. It was sold pretty much along the same lines as the current Tsplost package with a promised expiration date. Never happened and never will as the thirst for cash by government can never be slaked.

Here's a proposal that could reduce traffic in Metro Atlanta by 20%. Enforce the insurance laws already on the books. As an illustration, if you get involved in a traffic stop the first thing you're gonna notice is the officer requesting your drivers licence and insurance info. No insurance? Wave bye-bye to your ride.

In this day and age with the wonders of digital communication, snooper cameras installed on selected GSP patrol cars can read and process thousands of car tags an hour. One of the things they look for is insurance status. What's happening to that data?

Given the hazards of navigating 285 and supporting interstates, I'd love to see 20% fewer cars on the roads because I suspect those individuals operating vehicles without insurance are also inclined to skimp on things like tires and brakes as well. If you really can't afford to operate a car, move to within walking distance of work.

The best part of this approach is it won't take 8 to 18 billion dollars to accomplish and does not require a statewide/regional special election.

Good for the citizens, bad for crony capitalists.

Vote Hell No!

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  1. How can you call yourself a libertarian while you ask the government to record the license plate with a time and GPS stamp of everyone that drives by because someone MIGHT do something illegal?