Thursday, July 5, 2012

119 Unchallenged Politicians Down to the Gold Dome This Year

Project 785 wants to put an end to that.

Big news Kids, looks like 119 of our fair duly elected representatives to the august halls of the Georgia State House and Georgia Senate only have to get up and vote for themselves on election day to ensure another  turn at the trough. That's a functioning republic in action.

On the State House side there are 66 republicans who have no primary challengers to contend with and 21 democrats basking in a similar glow of non-competition. That's out of a total of 180 seats, so this years a bit more competitive than last cycle but that's related to the redistricting shenanigans, and some of the crew that finally hit the wall and retired. Over on the Senate side, 32 of Georgia's Grandees have no challengers out of 56 seats in the hall.

So right at half of our little slice democracy did not even need to deploy an 'new and improved' campaign to ensure victory. I'm pretty sure they are continuing fund raising, schmoozing with various lobbyists, special interest groups and anybody else with a little pocket cash and a pressing need for the public's money.

That's why voting for Libertarian Gary Johnson is so important in Georgia this year. As long as the current two party system can keep third parties off the ballot, these unchallenged politicians with continue to get a free ride. If Georgians, specifically 785,000 + Georgians opt for liberty and vote for Gary Johnson then the two party system in Georgia becomes a three party system.

20% or Bust.

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