Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Update from DeKalb's Very Own Libertarian David Montane

Libertarian Party Chooses Presidential Nominee

Governor Gary Johnson won the nomination, and so will be in the 3-way race between Barry Obama and either Ron Paul or Mitt Romney.  Find out what a great record he had as governor of New Mexico for eight years, and his plans as POTUS (President of the United States), by going to

Great Meeting in April

Many of you were able to attend our April 17 meeting, "What has the FED done to our money? - A story in charts", presented by local tax attorney and financial planner, Kevin Meaders.  We had over 30 attendees, including most of our regular attendees, several LP Georgia leaders, several Ron Paul campaigners, End the FED activists and Freedom Force International members, and possibly one or two Meetup members.  The exciting mix of liberty-minded folk filled up the patio.  Mr. Meaders explained with charts what the Federal Reserve has recently done to manipulate our money supply.  He recommended reading "The Creature from Jekyll Island", which is the book I read in Summer 2009 that opened my eyes to the economy and politics.  This book is the #1 most-read book in's "Money and Monetary Policy" category.  If you have not read this book, do yourself a favor and get a copy right away by clicking here.  He also recommended subscribing to the Mises Daily article on, and his own newsletters at his company's website

Austrian-school Economists on Local Talk Radio

Speaking of "The Creature from Jekyll Island" -- I found a link to a short, profound interview with the author, G. Edward Griffin, on a local talk radio show.  I recently found out about this show, "Butler On Business", from co-hostJason Riddle, who attended recent Libertarian Party meetings.  Their home page,, also has several of the Federal Reserve charts that Kevin Meaders showed us.  If you are able to listen to AM radio between 10:00 AM and Noon, Monday through Friday, be sure to tune in to WAFS "Biz" 1190, and get the refreshing financial perspective of Alan Butler and Jason Riddle.  If you can't listen during the work week, catch their "Best of Butler on Business", Sunday from Noon to 1:00 PM on WGKA "Talk" 920.

Anti-TSPLOST activism by friends of LP DeKalb:

After sending you my letter-to-the-editor, which was published in a recent issue of the DeKalb Neighbor newspaper, I got a a couple of responses of others who were also motivated to write against the regional Transportation "Special Local Option Sales Tax" coming up for vote on July 31st:

     Viola Davis, RN, BSN, and CEO of Unhappy Taxpayer & Voter Communications,
wrote an online article entitled, "Why Vote NO for TSPLOST", which you can readhere.

     Robert Anderson, a student at Georgia Perimeter College - Dunwoody campus, got an article published in the recent issue of "The Collegian" entitled "Atlanta's Stockholm Syndrome", which you can read here.

Also, several groups such as the T.E.A. parties, 9-12 groups and the Campaign for Liberty have banded together to form a task force called Transportation Leadership Coalition (TLC).  I encourage you to download their "T-SPLOST Fact Sheet" and sign up for news on the fight against this Six Billion Dollar tax (and that's just for starters), by clicking here.

In the Shadow of the CDC

At our March meeting we discovered that we have in our midst a retired medical doctor who worked for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), on the Tuskegee Syphilis Study.  This year is the 40-year anniversary of that 40-year study, which monitored the health of 399 poor, black men but FAILED TO TELL THEM they had syphilis!  15 years into the study, when penicillin had become standard treatment for syphilis, they also failed to treat them with penicillin.  For our meeting next Tuesday (the 15th), Don W. Printz, M.D. will speak on his experience with those "in the shadow of the CDC" during the dismantling of the project.  We would like to use this topic as an opportunity to reach out to the black residents of DeKalb and together uncover other instances, both past and present, in which government mistreats poor and minorities.  We will meet "in the shadow of the CDC", at The Famous Pub in the Toco Hills Shopping Center, at 7:00 PM.
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