Friday, November 18, 2011

Hey, Hey, Hee, Hee, System D could be the Life for Me!

Yard Sale Anyone?

If you're wondering who's making out like fat bandits aside from those guys and gals down to Wall Street, K Street and any of the 7 counties surrounding Washington DC you might want to enlarge your definitions and start learning about the wonderful world of System D.

System D you ask? New weight loss program? New real estate pyramid scheme? Recovered alien relic stashed out at that funky Chinese place that's been all over Google? 

Nope. It's black hole that 10 Trillion dollars of goods and services have used to disappear from the prying, tax hungry eyes of governments world wide. I'm certain it's caught on here as embodied by the prevalence of yard sales, EBay, craigslist and swap meets for various and sundry hobbies and other interests. I also gotta wonder how big a chunk of that 10 Trillion dollar estimate rolls out of the good 'ol US of A. 20% sound right? We are the biggest economy on the freakin' planet and I hope we've got enough tax evasion genes left here to be able to hold our own with the other débrouillard's around the world.

That's the root of System D. Avoid government regulation, taxation and bureaucratic busybodies and make your self a little cash and keep every penny of it. I can't think of a more Libertarian system because if the state can't get at your money, the state can't keep growing. Hell, even the Chinese wouldn't lend our government any money if they didn't prop up the balance sheets with those rosy projections of taxes withheld in 2014, 2015, 2016,,,, all the way to 2099. 

Reading about System D causes me to wax nostalgic for those heady days of yesteryear, at least prior to 1913 when the bulk of America's small bidness worked just that way. A promise was a promise and a deal was a deal and nobody was standing in the wings ready to toss a couple of hundred billions of taxpayer money into the pot if the deal fell through. 

That's what Tar and Feathers were for.

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