Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thar's Gold in Sugar Hill?

Is it time to break out the picks and shovels? 

With Gold at all time highs, economic distress outpacing it and record numbers of Georgians seeking employment, it might be time to kick off Georgia's second gold rush. And just to show you that the precious yellow metal is all over the freaking place, here's a partial scan of my copy of Plate II East, Bulletin 96 from the guys and gals down to the Georgia Geologic Survey in Atlanta. 

It's a small chunk of the map around Sugar Hill/Buford and the X's indicate a mine or prospect or mineral locality. The AU designates Gold. Who would have thought Gwinnett County and Hall County and Fulton County have something in common?

There's a wealth of data down at the Geologic Survey and you can get a copy of your very own for a mere pittance in today's fiat dollars. The real problem is integrating the scanty map info with other data like county district plats to figure out where these prospects are located in the real world. And of course, I'm sure that most are on private property. Let me repeat that, I'm sure that most are on private property.

How some ever, if you have property up in that neck of the woods, it might be fun to kick around the stream at the back of the lot and see what turns up. If you discover any old wooden crates with ingots labeled "CSA" please let me know as my great-great-grandfather supposedly left a few somewhere in Georgia when he skedaddled out of Richmond back in 1865.

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  1. I know that the closest county park to where you and I last worked together (is that cryptic or what?) has a lake that is fed by a gold-bearing creek, complete with a nice quartz outcrop right in the middle of it.