Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Essential Elements for a Successful Osama's Dead Parody

Ding Dong, Osama's dead.

At least that's what everyone's saying. I just don't get the burial at sea thing, what ever happened to the "head in a sack" element of US foreign policy?

I've searched high and low for the last 7 minutes for the absolute best Osama's Dead video parody and am astonished to report that I was unable to find any that meet my admittedly low standards.

In an effort to amp up the internet's offerings on the end of the wiley Bandit Chief, I suggest the following from the perspective of a citizen with 50+ years under his belt:

Use modern animation techniques, especially stuff from Xbox trailers, lots of flash bangs and exterior shots of Sammy's place in downtown Pakistan. A neon sign stating that rabbits cost 10 dinars (each) would be a nice touch.

Be sure to include a memory montage of the of all the talking heads from Sunday night proclaiming his demise to be equivalent to Neal Armstrong stepping on the moon. Not by a long shot.

Try to work in a a flip chart of all of his henchmen/henchwomen we've previously dusted off via drone, direct action or plain ol' assassination.

And of course, choose a catchy tune!

The graphic above illustrates a mostly tasteful approach by the guys and girls over at Political Humor, a wholly owned subsidiary of internet giant About.com.

Please note the lack of gaping head wounds.

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