Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Democrat's are Setting Sail on the Wide Insurgen-sea?

Does this guy look like an insurgent?

Insurance agent maybe, insurgent? Nope! 

Guess what kids, he's the Insurgent in Chief (IIC) over at Rockin' Barry O's re-election camp for 2012 and the cats name is Joe Messina. Please note the opportunity for the addition of a staff member with the last name of Loggins looming somewhere in the fuzzy future.

You can get a "sneak peek" of our President's planned campaign courtesy of Mr. Messina over at BloomBerg.Com which dishes all the gory details of next years record setting $3 Billion dollar campaign of musical chairs to see who gets to hang out at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue whilst our nation continues it's headlong plunge into Kay-Tas-Tro-Fee. 

It's interesting reading for a plain old prole like me to see what kind of dollars it takes to get some face time with the current Commander in chief, well, one face in a room full of faces time anyway. How about $38,000 for a seat at a dinner? Or perhaps a cool $350,000 if you feel the need to be classified as a tip top democrat fundraiser with a shot at a night in the Lincoln bedroom. 

One thing is certain, our Republican brothers and sisters, emboldened by their apparent victories in 2010 will match the democrats step for step and dollar for dollar. Third party types will be left alone in their standard roles of bitching and kvetching and losing. Tis the nature of politics in our quite unnatural and contrived two party system and only one thing might change it. 

What could possibly upset the apple cart? I refer you to Joe Trippi, also a democrat operative who's been having nightmares about the possibility of some charismatic, internet based, social media savvy Tweet Meister emerging from the mists and actually connecting with the 50% of  American voters who just don't vote.

That gets my vote.

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