Saturday, January 22, 2011

Trivia Question: Out of 800 Libertarian Candidates Nationwide in 2010, Which one finished in 50th Place?

That would be me.

Big ol' hat tip to the National Libertarian Party for publishing an Excel spreadsheet with the nationwide results from our efforts in 2010. And the kicker is that some Libertarians even won!

If you've got some time to waste on looking at the entire layout head over the the LP National blog and take a gander. All of the Georgia candidates placed  in the top 80 range with Kira Willis leading the way at # 38.

The top voter getter nationally was Richard Sanders out of Washington State with an astounding 971,803 votes in his race for the states Supreme Court and as the spreadsheet clearly shows, running unopposed is always a good idea.

Finishing 50 of out 800 nationwide, I can live with that for my first effort at political office. I wonder if there's a spreadsheet that shows who was the anchorman for least contributions nationwide? 

I know I won the Hawaiian shirt category.

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