Thursday, January 13, 2011

State of the Race for Gwinnett Commission Chair

The first snowmageddon of 2011 is almost done, on to local politics!

The only race of interest at the moment is the contest for Gwinnett County's next Commission Chair that features Libertarian Will Costa, Charlotte Nash (presumed republican), Larry Gause (rumored Libertarian, sometimes republican) and Gerald Duane Kissel (political orientation unknown). It's a hearty mix of unknowns at the moment and in the interest of shedding some light on Will Costa's opponents, Bludgeon & Skewer offer the following information gleaned from the World Wide Web.

Will Costa 
FaceBook Campaign page? Check. 111 likes as of today, up from 61 likes on 12 DEC 2010.
Campaign Website? Check.
Press Coverage with name mentions? Check.
Goggle page rank, last 30 days: Page one, #1 ranking out of 589,000 returns. Of the first 10 returns, Will has 2 headlines linking to him or stories about his campaign.

Charlotte Nash
FaceBook Campaign Page? Check.  Fresh off the presses as of 10 DEC 2011. 228 friends as of today. One photo, no active discussions. No link to a campaign website. No donate button.
Campaign Website? Still Nada.
Google Page rank, last 30 days: Page 1 ranking out of  1,130,000 returns, 5 of the first 10 returns mention Charlotte in the text of the return.

Larry Gause
FaceBook Campaign Page? None up for the Gwinnett Contest, Still has the old FaceBook page up from his attempt at the 4th Congressional District race.
Campaign Website? Nuttin'.
Google Page rank, last 30 days: Page 1 ranking out of 9,740  returns.

No clearly attributable pictures
Gerald Duane Kissel
FaceBook Campaign Page? No.
Campaign Website? Still Bupkis.
Google Page rank, last 30 days: Page 1 ranking out of 21,00 results.

The Yard sign front has seen the Costa Campaign surge to a dominating lead in early January with examples littering the FaceBook landscape. Due to the absolutely crappy weather this week, I have not ventured forth into the land of the Gwinnettians to check out any Nash or Gause sign sightings. I'm thinking the Nash signs will bloom sometime late this month, the Gause variety will likely be very rare, although not as rare as yard signs for my Insurance Commissioner campaign last year.

That's the wrap up as of today. I'll try to get some flipcam videos of Will Costa up before the end of the month if time permits. 

Remember to head over to Will's Facebook page and participate in the first election of 2011 in Georgia. Vote for Will Costa for Gwinnett County Chair!

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