Monday, January 3, 2011

Important Friends of DeKalb Schools Meeting this Wednesday at the Famous Pub

Wouldn't it be cool if the DeKalb County School System published it's check register on line?

Libertarian David Montane and the Friends of DeKalb Schools think it'd be cool too. So much so that they're featuring incoming District 1 school board member Nancy Jester at the groups monthly meeting this Wednesday at the Famous Pub in Toco Hills to discuss this advance of liberty and information and best of all, it's open to the public.

OK, there's just not enough seating at the Famous Pub to accommodate every citizen in DeKalb County, but there's certainly enough seating to accommodate a hundred interested persons. Maybe you're behind the power curve on this? Then check out this link to DeKalb County School Watch and start learning about some of the benefits that accrue to the public in other states that already make this financial info open to all.

Remember, this Wednesday night, 5 JAN 10, at the Famous Pub in the Toco Hills Shopping Center starting at 7:00PM!

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