Monday, January 17, 2011

The ALCC Meets this Wednesday Night at Dantanna's Cigar Club Lounge

Come on Down!

From the Chairman of the Atlanta Libertarian Cigar Club, David Chastain:

More than merely a "smoke,"
cigars are a symbol of earned relaxation -
a smoky elixir of salvation that allows
your mind to wander and your heart to dance.
                                             - Alyson Boxman

Dear ALCC Members and Friends,

Please join us this Wednesday for our first ALCC gathering of 2011.  The weather forecast is on our side; sunny with a high of 49 degrees. Expected humidity in the Buckhead Cigar Lounge's 300 sq. ft. walk-in humidor to be Perfect. And, as always, the drinks will be cold and the conversation warm and friendly.

For first-timers, we meet in the back room at Dantanna's Buckhead Cigar Lounge. All we ask is that you purchase your smoke from the BCL humidor. Tell Mike at the register you are a Libertarian Cigar Club attendee and get a 10% discount.

ALCC meetings are the third Wednesday of every month and annual dues are $25.00. Our treasurer is Roxanne Karnick.

David Chastain
770-630-8294 cell/text

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