Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Will Georgia Become a One Party State?

Is it something is the water?

You get home from the work gig and lo and behold, yet another elected democrat has changed his stripes and slipped over the border into republicanland. I can't blame them for wanting to change stuff, but shape shifting from democrat to republican colors ain't change. Both of those parties are the same side of the same coin.

Obviously us Libertarians have been remiss in that we haven't managed to snag a single defector... er, turncoat...er, renegade...er, Rogue! Yeah rogue!  Not a single rogue elephant has managed to find his way to LibertyLand as they've fled from their democrat plantations. Why is that?

It's true that donning the robes of Liberty hasn't got a payoff in the near term or the long term. We as a party have candidates that aspire to political office but because none of us have succeeded, there's no way a sitting politician from either party could expect that sweet committee assignment of a generous contribution from the swollen coffers of the State Party Apparatus. As a matter of fact, there's talk floating around LibertyLand that the state LP is seriously considering ceasing and desisting from offering any financial support to the next crop of candidates for office. No golden ring there for the political rogue looking for a new home.

We do offer a quite simple political philosophy of smaller government, lower taxes and more freedom. That philosophy resonates with about 4% of the Georgians that vote and that's just not enough to win in a two party, winner take all state. You could look at Libertarians as a critical vote segment, but only in a state that actually has a vibrant two party system and that's not the State of Georgia at the moment. One of the biggest disappointments from the last election was the absolute implosion of Georgia's democrats, a rolling implosion that continues to occur one elected official at a time. What do we do when there are no elected democrats in Georgia? 

Well folks, the Libertarians will still be here. We've been in the wilderness so long that we kinda like it. We're gonna continue to dance with the Ten Amendments and the Constitution, keep up with our brothers and sisters scattered throughout this great nation and keep looking over the horizon at the bright and shining future we can all share.

If the body politic can ever shake that republican/democrat label thing.

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