Sunday, December 5, 2010

Stirrin' the Pot at the Savannah Morning News

Is the phrase "republican diversity" an oxymoron?

Of course it is.

If there's a more homogenized collection of registered voters in Georgia, do me a favor and point them out. Reporter Larry Peterson down at the Savannah Morning News has a neat post up about the travails that Georgia republicans face as they have to contend with managing a "diverse coalition". What a freakin' hoot! What are the differences between old white guys in North Georgia, old white guys in Middle Georgia and old white guys in South Georgia? You guessed it, they all hate Rockin' Barry O and they all vote republican even when the ethical stench from their candidates can knock a buzzard off a dung barrel at 20 paces.

The readership is invited to join in the fun and head down to review Mr. Petersens essay for yourselves. Here's the flotsam and jetsam I left in my wake:

My hats off to Mr. Petersen as he demonstrates once again his ability to transform a slow news day with an article that makes me chuckle.

Oh the plight of Georgia Republicans! How will they ever please the 26% of the Georgia electorate that put all those white guys in power for the next four years? Granted their 26% of the total registered Georgia voters did manage to get off the couch and vote last time out and as a result the 74% of us that either voted Libertarian or democrat or not at all have to live with it.

I'm not at all concerned with the republican's ability to hold together their tiny silver of voters in Georgia as they've already demonstrated that the only item that concerns them is whether an "R" appears behind the candidates name on the ballot. Realistically, there is absolutely no chance that the incoming crop of elected officials are going to do anything to rile up their base. Can you even conceive of one of our new republican grandees suggesting decriminalization of marijuana? A death penalty moratorium? Gay marriage?

I can't either. The larger question for people of my political stripe is how the hell do we reach and motivate the 49% of Georgia's registered voters that just don't vote? As long as Georgia is trapped in two party, winner take all politics the question will never be what in the best interests of all the people of our great state, it will be yet another refrain of "What's best for the republican party!"

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