Friday, December 10, 2010

LP National is Looking for a Few Good 20 Something Video Gunslingers, How About a Few 50 Something Video Gunslingers Too?

I'm just happy to be here.

Imagine my surprise when I noticed on FaceBook that the National LP has kickstarted a fundraiser to hire a couple of guys out of Ohio to produce videos oriented towards gen Y preaching the Libertarian gospel of Lower Taxes, Smaller Government and More Freedom.

After I fell out of the chair upon seeing the 50K price tag involved in this effort, I decided to do a little reconnoiter into the work the of Mr. Irvine and his associate Mr Lyons and it ain't bad. They're funny at times, they appreciate the narrated traveling shot and are not shy about self depreciating humor. Good on 'em.

I also understand the never ending fascination political types have with the mythical youth vote and the quest to discover the magic required to get their attention and then get off the couch and away from the X-Box long enough the vote. Rockin' Barry O's crew was pitching that concept hard way back in 2008 and after his victory crowed mightily that they had the secret of perpetual political power locked away on their blackberry's. Then the 50 somethings knocked the stuffing out of that concept in 2010.

Should the National LP hire on a couple of 20 something video gunslingers? Sure, why not? If the online fundraising effort works and all the 20 something Libertarians pitch in it could be a great thing. If it grows our party I'm for it.

Just don't forget the 50 somethings, we vote, we volunteer and most of us don't need a stipend. I ran for statewide office here in Georgia in 2010, got 96,000 votes with a budget of about 280 bucks and shot and distributed 80 plus videos in the process. Granted, hardly anybody's seen 'em but that doesn't take away from the fact that they're done, online, and available for your viewing pleasure.

And my first documentary/mockumentary/rockumentary is in the 2nd edit stage.

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