Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Libertarian Will Costa now faces three opponents for Gwinnett County Commission Chair

Say Adios to Bob Clark.

Bob who? Bob Clark has withdrawn from the impending fracas for the Gwinnett County Chairman's race set to explode after the first of the year. This important news was revealed over at the mighty, mighty AJC and even they couldn't find a picture of the dude. 

This latest development does not affect my outlook on this race, it's going to boil down to Will Costa and Charlotte Nash as the oh so short campaigns begin and end. As an update, Will has a strong internet/facebook/pick up the phone and call the guy presence while Charlotte is holding her minions and underlings in reserve. Of the leventy-five-million Charlotte Nash's on FaceBook, none of them were running for Gwinnett County Chair.

So don't delay, contact Will Costa today and share in the victory ride!

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