Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Libertarian Will Costa Declares for the Gwinnett County Commission Chair

Looks like Will Costa is back on the trail.

Libertarian Will Costa has paid da money and jumped into the impending special election to select Gwinnett County's next Chairman of the fabled Gwinnett County Commission. He'll be facing five other contenders in this non-partisan race to replace outgoing Commission Chair Charles Bannister who developed hip dysplasia from lugging around too many questionable checks from too many questionable people for too many questionable land deals. 

Since it's a special election the whole thing will be mercifully short and geographically quite contained, much to the relief of many Cobbites, DeKalbians and North Fultonians. More importantly, it's an opportunity for the 100,000 or so Libertarians who live and vote in Georgia to rally 'round Will Costa's efforts and help him win this contest.

Here's the Press Release from Will:

Libertarian Will Costa Enters Race for Gwinnett County Commission Chairman

Contact: Will Costa

LAWRENCEVILLE - Will Costa, a long time political activist and small business owner, filed today to be a candidate in the March 15 special election to replace Charles Bannister as Chairman of the Gwinnett County Commission. Having decades of political experience, Costa has earned the trust and respect not only of the Libertarian Party of GA, who endorsed his candidacy on Monday night, but also the thousands in Gwinnett who have stood by him and with him in the past, and come out ahead.

Costa is well-versed in the political process, with a good understanding of what it will take to lead Gwinnett through tough economic times.

“There are two things I know and know very well, economics and civic leadership," said Costa, the Libertarian candidate for Labor Commissioner in the November general election. "Gwinnett is projected to see a reduction in revenue and an increase in operating expenses both are a direct result of many elected officials inability or unwillingness to understand the most basic principals of public servitude.”

Costa is well known by many in Gwinnett, as well as much of Metro Atlanta, for his family-owned fresh pasta company that was started in 1983. Costa at a very young age has helped to manage and develop the company. Costa is a graduate of Georgia State University and lives with his family in the Lilburn area.

“I have seen my share of tough economic times, and I have always managed to turn things around. I have made getting the most out of limited resources more of an art form, including leading others on how to do the same," explained Costa, who qualified for the race this morning. "Many times county officials think that leadership is telling people what to do and or just doing it for them.”

Costa asserted that many times County Officials are unwilling to let the cities execute their responsibilities. Costa has identified overlapping services as major sources waste as well as areas where the public is underserved.

“My approach to tackling the budget woes will include working with the cities to streamline services to the people” said Costa. He also added that “the old style of efficient management of duplicate services is not enough we must review the County City relationship!”

Some of Costa’s top priorities, in addition to the budget, will be to reduce gang activity associated with illegal drugs, welfare abuse, illegal immigration and zoning abuse. Costa sees opportunities to improve Gwinnet’s economy by utilizing our logistics infrastructure to attract more commerce.

To learn more about Will Costa's campaign for Chairman of the Gwinnett County Commission, please visit



  1. Great Blog!
    Don't you think all solutions are Local?
    Here's a post of interest:

  2. Ken,

    Nice work over at your smallgovernment Blog. I've taken the liberty of adding you to my blogroll so get busy and write more stuff.

    I concur that most of the effective solutions are local but we still face the hurdle of finding citizens who actually would implement them.