Saturday, December 18, 2010

Libertarian David Montane is in the News at the AJC and on the Air with WGST!

DeKalb County's very own David Montane is back in the news with recent comments on the ongoing woes of the DeKalb School Systems current financial mess. In yesterdays article at the AJC by Megan Matteucci:

"David Montane, chairman of the Friends of DeKalb Schools, said the school system is not in a position to give out such raises.
"I'm definitely concerned about that," said Montane, who also is vice chairman of the Libertarian Party of DeKalb. "When there are people getting laid off all over the place in the private sector, and people are getting demoted or their pay cut, this is no time for raising the salaries of public servants."
Expenditures like that are one of the reasons the Friends of DeKalb Schools, a group of concerned residents auditing the district's finances, is pushing to have the schools' check registry posted online, Montane said. The group plans to ask the board to vote on it early next year. "

Way to go Dave! And the fine folks down at the Rob Johnson Show on WGST will be talking to Dave on Monday Morning at 8:20 on the same topic! Double whammy!

And for all you DeKalbite Liberty Lovers, keep in mind that the Friends of DeKalb Schools will be meeting at the Famous Pub on 4 JAN 11 to continue the effort to publish the school system check register online so all the citizens of DeKalb County can see what the moneys going for. 

Local politics, local action, local involvement!


  1. Interesting take on civil liberties and politics in general. Also a refreshing definition of the classic liberal and traditional conservative

  2. Nice Plug Mike.

    The guy writes pretty well and his latest piece resonates with some stuff that's been rattling around in my skull for a while. I encourage the readership cruise by Confederate Underground and take a gander.

    Shane Bruce