Friday, December 31, 2010

Cobb County LP Chair Matt Godown Gets Quoted at Poli-Tea

It's a media ripple folks.

Cobb County LP Chair Matt Godown did an interview with James Swift of the Smyra-Vinings Patch yesterday and that got picked up by one my favorite blogs, Poli-Tea, today. Nice echo Matt.

Matt was one of the stalwarts for Liberty that worked with Libertarian Chuck Donovan's attempt  to unseat republican Senator Johnny Isakson this year and is working hard every day to grow the Cobb County affiliate in size and strength. The original interview is up at the Patch and the excerpted interview with additional analysis is over at Poli-Tea.

The readership is encouraged to read both and then if you're in Cobb County contact the Cobb LP affiliate and hit their next meeting to climb aboard the Liberty Train.

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