Monday, December 13, 2010

The Atlanta Libertarian Cigar Club Meets this Wednesday Night at Dantanna's Cigar Lounge

It's time for Christmas Cigars!

That's right folks, the Atlanta Libertarian Cigar Club is lighting 'em up again this Wednesday night at DanTanna's Cigar lounge in Buckhead. Come on down!

Here's the official announcement courtesy of ALCC Chair, David Chastain:

Tobacco smoke, like silken web,
Suspended in the restful airs,
To me and mine, in soothing rhymes
A dainty, artless burden bears;
Let cares rage on--let hopes renew--
The yesterday, tomorrow be--
But we are wise, the smoke and I;
We cease regrets and troubles flee.
                               - A. B. Tucker

Dear ALCC Members and Friends,
Please join us this Wednesday for our last ALCC gathering of 2010. The weather outside may be cold, but it shouldn't be frightful. Plan to come by to warm up, light up and drink up.
mtr_4cfc22c11a4af.jpg  AND, Check out our Group photo at the Cigar Aficionado web site.  We don't know if/when  our mugs will appear in the magazine, but they are now on the web.  Click HERE.

If this is your first visit, we meet in the back room at Dantanna's Buckhead Cigar Lounge. All we ask is that you purchase your smoke from the BCL humidor. Tell Mike at the register you are a Libertarian Cigar Club attendee and get a 10% discount.
ALCC meetings are the third Wednesday of every month and annual dues are $25.00. Our treasurer is Roxanne Karnick.

Happy Holidays & Best Wishes
 for a Great New Year.

David Chastain

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