Saturday, December 18, 2010

Another Look at SecState Kemp's Elections Advisory Board from Garland Favorito

Like I said, the rest of the board just doesn't measure up to David Shock.

The real stunner is Cecil Stanton, the cat who runs a Warner Robbins TV station that snubbed all of us Libertarian candidates in this years election cycle by not inviting us to appear in the critical Warner Robbins TV debates that happened right after the GPB debates. Garland wrote about that here. I'm not at all familiar with Mike Jablonski, but if Garland smells something fishy, you can bet there's a reason.

Here's Garland's Press Release:

VoterGA Supporters,
Secretary  of State, Brian Kemp, has announced his Elections Advisory Council that he promised roughly two years ago to establish. Below is an article from the Albany Journal that identifies the council members. The council was supposed to be non-partisan, however, half of the 16 members have direct ties to the Republican or Democratic parties.  The remainder of the council consists of local election board officials plus two more independent selections including:
·         Independent State Representative, “Rusty” Culver Kidd, co author of the HB1257 ballot access bill that would have removed petitioning requirements for candidates in Georgia. (That bill was not supported by Secretary Kemp and died in the committee chaired by another council member Mark Hamilton)
·         Associate Professor of Political Science, David Shock of Kennesaw State University, a Libertarian who was also the treasurer for Secretary of State candidate David Chastain. (Chastain was the only candidate in the race who advocated for a return to voting that can be verified audited and recounted properly)
Two particularly disturbing selections are:
·         Republican State Senator, Cecil Staton, co-owner the Warner Robins Patriot news outlets that barred all statewide Libertarian candidates from participating in their 2010 debate series. (Who could be more partisan than that?)
·         General counsel for the Democratic Party of Georgia, Mike Jablonski, who has refused legal assistance to 2008 Douglas County Commission chair candidate and Douglas County Democratic chairman, James Quarterman even after evidence showed that the county manipulated the results of all 25,000 Election Day ballots. (I believe that this may be the single greatest case of potential election fraud the state has ever seen)
These two individuals appear to come into the council with their own agendas that are clearly not in the best interest of the people of Georgia. Although Secretary Kemp promised at the last State Election Board meeting to give a voice to some civic organization members who regularly attend and speak at the meetings, no election integrity activists, ballot access advocates, computer professionals or security experts were included on the council. Thus, in diametric opposition to the Secretary’s business council, the new elections council has almost no representation from the general public.

The council will likely serve to delay for another year, any serious consideration or attempts to pass true non-partisan election initiatives.

Related information can be found on the Voterga web site.

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