Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Tale of Tammy Adkins

OK, it's run off time for the Supreme Court of Georgia.

Your choices are Purdue appointee Dave Nahmias and underdog Tammy Adkins. I'm thinking the Tammy is the ticket and that's the way I'll be voting in the run off. If Nathan Deal thinks Nahmias is the guy, then that's a sure sign I want no part of him. To celebrate, here's an impromptu rendition of Rudyard Kipling's poem, "Tommy". 

My apologies to Rudyard Kipling.


I went upon the internet, to find a thing or three,
and who do you suppose I met? with endorsements like a tree?
A fella by the name 'o Dave who wanted me to vote,
To pack 'em in to our Supreme Court 'cause Nathan wants it's so.
Oh it's Tammy this and Tammy that,
and Tammy go away,
But the piper pays his bill in full,
when it comes to voting day

I checked it out and to my surprise,
I found some artful facts, 'ol Dave's been deep behind the scenes,
prosecutin' this and that. 
Numbers games an' terrorists,
and a senator or two, but the killer item was of course,
He was 'and picked by Sonny Purdue.
Oh it's Tammy this and Tammy that,
and Tammy 'ows your 'ead?
But Tammy's been workin' in the courts,
for common folk who dread.

She hasn't got no fine degree from 'arvard , Duke and such,
She just worked 'ard, and made her place with 'ard work, sweat, and guts.
I'm thinkin' it appropriate, to rock the boat a bit, 
and send 'ol dave a-packin', to some other federal chit.
Yes it's Tammy this and Tammy that,
and Tammy step behind,
But Tammy seems to know her place,
and that is first in line.

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