Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Post Election Ruminations

It sucks to lose.

It really sucks to lose to a republican. It's kind of unavoidable and quite predictable when said republican has all the advantages of funding, staffing, political experience and the magic "R" behind his name.

Still sucks though. Major suckage.

Of the many things I learned from this campaign, one salient point stands out. We as a people have not reached the plateau required to enable a single citizen to effectively  compete with last generation political machinery. I had thought that the internet/social media had developed to a point where such a candidacy might succeed. Mine did not.

I am quite proud of the fact that I ran my own campaign with a couple of on the spot volunteer FlipCam operators, about $260 bucks for gas, Name Plates and the occasional burger on one of my roadtrips with Chuck Donovan. I purposely wanted to spend the least amount of money possible in this endeavor to illustrate the point that you can be a part time political candidate and succeed in some measure without the requirements of a typical campaign. I'm pleased as punch that I did receive 96,278 votes out a total of  2,537,520 votes in my particular race. I certainly don't know that many people in Georgia. And yet they know me or my Political Party.

I am totally convinced that my style of political video is the way to go. No script, one take slices of time that require the candidate to speak extemporaneously and from the heart on a variety of subjects of interest to his particular campaign. In this manner, carefully prepared lies will not work, slick graphics will not be able to hide the truth or misdirect the viewer and the ominous off camera voice can get back to recording drag strip commercials.  Most people have really good BS detectors and know how to use them. Hopefully some other candidate will advance this particular art form to the next level in some other campaign.

About 2.5 million Georgian's showed up to vote in this cycle out of the roughly 5.7 million registered voters that live here.  Less than half of our voters managed to get off the couch and go to the polls and that's a terrible thing. Of the 2.5 million that bothered to show up about 1.3 million decided to play in the republican sandbox this time out and as a result we now face the prospect of 4 years of governance selected by a minority of our population. That's winner take all politics folks. Consider the fact that we're all gonna have to dance to the tune that 26% of the voters in Georgia have called. Of course they're calling it a mandate, but I think the term dictate is more appropriate.

What does the future hold for me and my party? I really don't know. I do know that I do not care for our current system in any way, shape , form or fashion. Two party politics are exclusionary by design and sadly turn out to be the same side of the same coin. Can Liberty flourish in Georgia? Will we as a sovereign people ever realize that we have been slowly enchained by our political system? We will tolerate ever worsening political, social and economic distress or will we reclaim our birthrights as Americans? I want to live in the greatest nation on the face of the earth where each citizen can succeed or fail on his own merits.

Where do you want to live?

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