Monday, November 22, 2010

A Lion of Liberty Has Shuffled Off this Mortal Coil

Libertarian Party Founder David Nolan has crossed the river and only his works and deeds remain with us.

His journey towards Liberty began in the 1971 when he and several friends gathered to contemplate the nature of politics and began looking for alternatives to the existing two party/same party system that has afflicted our great nation for decades. The result was the formation of America's largest third party, the place I call home, the Libertarian Party.

Through decades of troubles and travails David Nolan kept to the principled path and did the hard work, the grunt work that always wears down lesser men. He thrived.

His many accomplishments serve as examples to rest of us who profess to the tenets of liberty. He did not falter, nor should we. He stuck to his guns, so should we. He made a difference in our nation, as will we.

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