Monday, November 29, 2010

Hey, Hey Hey, It's Tammy Lynn Adkins for Supreme Court All The Way!

Is it time to stick your thumb in the republican collective's eye? Of course it is. Remember, gouge deeply and twist to the outside to ensure a clean separation.

How important is it to have a qualified candidate for Georgia's Supreme Court? If you listen to the Nahmias sycophants out there, it's very important. What's important to me? Not having another hand picked republican placed in a position of power, real power, who's already shown his colors on the issue of ballot access. 

I do like the fact that Tammy Lynn Adkins is being celebrated as Georgia's very own Alvin Greene as a result of the massive number of votes she received in the general election without a lick of campaigning. That sort of chutzpah needs to be rewarded. A run for statewide office with no campaign? Where have you heard that before?

So I'm going to vote for Tammy Lynn Adkins tomorrow when I breeze by my polling station and I hope that every swinging Richard and Richardette that voted for me for insurance commissioner follows suit. That's 96,000 votes folks, 96,000 votes.

Vote to cause republican angst! Vote for Tammy Lynn Adkins for Supreme Court!

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