Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stirrin' the Pot at Fox 31 Online in Albany

Ralph Hudgens is in the news.

The fine folks down at Fox 31 in Albany did a little piece on republican Ralph Hudgens opening a campaign office way down in Albany yesterday. Not wanting to let jolly news go unchallenged I just had to add a comment to keep stirrin'the pot on Health Insurance mandates.

Greetings All,

Nice article about republican Ralph Hudgens's run for the Office of Commissioner of Insurance. There is a small correction that needs to be made however. Not only is he facing democrat Mary Squires, he's also having to contend with Libertarian Shane Bruce for that sweet gig down in Atlanta. 

Ralph's getting hammered lately for his opposition to Georgia's health care mandates as Mary Squires and company is trying to paint some of his comments as sexist, insensitive and down right mean and nasty. As a Libertarian I've been calling for the elimination of Georgia's health Insurance mandates since the end of April this year as well, since there no way to square government intervention in the insurance markets with basic Libertarian governing principles.

The focus of Mary's attack on Ralph and myself on this issue is the assertion that removing Georgia's mandate system would somehow be injurious to women. That is a fallacy and a fabrication. Under current law, every health insurance policy must have all 45 mandated coverages in it, those coverages must be paid for whether the citizen can use them or not. It is the end result of rent seeking corporations using their influence at the state house to capture a market segment and guarantee a greater return.

Libertarians believe in more choice, not less. Libertarians believe in less government, not more. Georgia's health insurance mandate system deny's choice and increases the size of government. 

Shane Bruce 
Libertarian Candidate for Commissioner of Insurance

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  1. They are opening a campaign office yesterday then they all will be very happy. Hence that would be great news for all of them. I appreciate all of them.