Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Republican Ralph Hudgens vs. Hank Hill, One in the Same? You be the Judge.

Cartoon Time Folks.

Hot off the presses from Athen's own Doug Harman, author of "The Bitter Patriot" blog comes this speculation that Ralph Hudgens and Hank Hill might be the same person. Coincidence? I think not!

Enjoy the read and head over to Doug's Blog for an entirely different focus on money and Liberty.

Vote for Shane Bruce, Libertarian Candidate for Insurance Commissioner in GA

Ralph Hudgens, Republican candidate for Insurance Commissioner in Georgia on the left.
Hank Hill, Republican from Arlen, TX on the right.

They both sell propane and propane accessories. 

Have you ever seen the two of them in the same room together? I thought not. It may be possible then that Ralph Hudgens is actually Hank Hill, and therefore a cartoon character. Actually, I'm sure he's not a cartoon character, but he is a career politician and part of the problem in government today. Mr. Hudgens has taken campaign contributions from lobbyists representing the very businesses he wishes to regulate as Insurance Commissioner. During the debates on GPB last Sunday, he even defended taking those contributions as not being any sort of conflict of interest. This makes his stance on the office a bit of a mockery, somewhat cartoonish, if you will.

This is why you should cast your vote for a real man, a man's man. Someone with principles founded in Liberty and the Free Market. No more back room dealings, no more bribes....uh, contributions from those he would be regulating.

Shane Bruce, Libertarian Candidate for Insurance Commissioner in GA.

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