Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Re-Run Time! From 26 APR 10, The Competition for Insurance Commissioner as of 9:49PM Today

The Race is getting real crowded folks,

This Insurance Commissioner race is just jam packed with people that want John Oxendine's old office and that state issued Crown Vic with the hide-a-ways. Here's my first campaign promise, the freakin' car goes back to motor pool so one of the arson investigators has a ride.

I'm still boning up on the ins an outs of this race and I'm pretty sure I'll be nailing my 14 points to the Statehouse door soon. OK, I won't actually nail them to the door, maybe I'll put up some yellow stickies and take a few pix and a FlipCam Vid. Also, If any of the readership works in the lobbying or insurance industries, feel free to get in touch. I have questions.

In the meantime here are my competitors as of tonight hot off the presses from the SecState's websiteand funding totals as of 31 MAR 10 from the State Ethics Commission Website.

Rick Collum republican no report filed at the State Ethics Commission
Seth Harp republican 37K in the kitty
Ralph T. Hudgens republican 260K in the kitty
John Mamalakis republican $8,800 bucks on hand. I feel ya John.
Maria Sheffield republican 144K in the kitty
Mary Squires democrat 64K in the kitty

Libertarian Shane Bruce will be on the ballot for sure 0, nada, nuttin' in the kitty

If you drop by the SecStates website you'll notice my name is missing. That's because us Libertarians nominate by convention paid for out of our own pockets and so we'll file the entire slate late in June. As of right now, I'm the only Insurance Commish candidate that will appear on the ballot this fall. That'll change after the impending republican bloodbath and hopefully some democrat will give Mary a run for her money as well.

I want the readership to understand that the republican and democrat primaries are funded by the taxpayers of Georgia to the tune of a couple of million bucks. It rankles me that our opponents are so bold as to high-jack the public's purse for solely partisan purposes. Please keep this in mind when all the run-offs from the general election are being blamed on us Libertarians by these same politicians. We expect to hear that the run-off system is just to expensive, and something has to change.

How about letting the republicans and democrats foot the bill for their own freakin' primaries? That's change I can believe in.

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