Thursday, October 28, 2010

Re-Run Time! From 25 SEPT 10, Stirrin' the Pot at the AJC's Political Insider

Holy Crap! An actual news story about the Insurance Commissioner's Race!

Check it out folks, the AJC's Political Insider has a story up about the Insurance Commissioner race and I even got a name mention! What else was there to do but respond with a pithy post promising prompt participation pertaining to this ponderous problem.

Here's what I wrote:

Greetings All,

Stunning news about the Industrial Loan Licenses and some contradictions that really need to be resolved. On one hand the AJC is inferring that the Industrial Loan license is difficult to obtain but Commissioner Oxendine insists that anyone in Atlanta can get one anytime they wish, he even admits that the issuance of said permits is so routine that his staff handles them on their own. Astonishing.

Equally astonishing is the fact that the heir apparent, republican Ralph Hudgens is quite concerned about this flurry of soon to be Shylocks working over the expected surge of new customers our current economy is cranking out. My question is why? Is Ralph Hudgens truly concerned about down on their luck Georgians or are some of his campaign contributors starting to grumble about increased competition in "Industrial Loan" marketplace? Rent seeking corporations and republicans do a lot of business together and this looks like a classic example in action.

I can promise the citizens of Georgia that if elected, I will change this run away "Industrial Loan" process down at the Insurance Commissioners office. I also promise to take a long and hard look at every permit Commissioner Oxendine issues between now and the end of his term, as well as the rest of the filing cabinets from the last 16 years.

Shane Bruce
Libertarian Candidate for Commissioner of Insurance

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