Thursday, October 28, 2010

Re-Run Time! From 10 JUL 10 Libertarian candidate for Insurance Commissioner Shane Bruce gets a mention over at the Gainesville Times

The new Headshot is on the way!

Earned Media Time folks, I got a name mention over at the Gainesville Times in reporter Melissa Weinman's article on the republican primary for the Insurance Commissioner gig. Granted, you have to look under the continually scrolling pix of the current herd of republican candidates to find my name, but hey, it's there. It's my major media score of the week.

I was surprised to see the Insurance Commissioner post being touted as a launching pad to higher office in the article. Just because the Ox finally cornered enough cash to make a play for the Governorship doesn't mean it's the magic springboard to future fame and political glory. If you're a glass half full kind of guy, it could be looked at as an inescapable trap, sheesh, it took the Ox 16 years to get out of there.

My own meager research into the in's and out's of the post just don't paint the Commissioner's office as party central USA. You have to smile and tell a whole bunch of Georgian's that there's just no way for them to get any form of health insurance. You have to collect that pesky insurance premium tax and hand it over to the general fund so the current Gov can get a few more boat ramps built. You have to play nice with Georgia's "Industrial Loan" operators because that's a big chunk of campaign cash, they're well connected politically and they swing a big bat. And somewhere in there you have to do a little racetrack regulatin'. 

The good news is I still have a couple of weeks to brainstorm up some solutions to these intractable problems and offer a clear vision and a sound plan to the voters of Georgia as a reason to elect me as the next Commissioner of Insurance.

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