Saturday, October 30, 2010

Re-Run #8, Libertarian Shane Bruce Takes to the High Seas

Any body else in a Mencken Mood?

I hereby challenge my esteemed opponents, democrat Mary Squires and republican Ralph Hudgens to a sailing contest. Given the current cool temperatures, I think we should hold the contest in Jamaica and that Ralph should fund the venture. He does have all the moola you know.

The gist of this one was one of Mary's early swipes at the rationale for my candidacy and Ralph's. Her laundry list included seeking the Commissioner's office as a stepping stone (C'mon Ralph's 67 and I'm a Libertarian, what higher office?), An attempt to flush out a political career and get some of those sweet retirement perks the boys and girls at the statehouse awarded themselves, and a rather curt comment about requiring on the job training.

I dispute the notion that any citizen needs on the job training for political office. I would support mandatory ethics classes for all sitting politicians as well as access to their end of training test scores. That would be interesting.

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