Sunday, October 31, 2010

Re-Run #23, From 10 OCT 10, Libertarian Shane Bruce at Atlanta's Gay Pride Parade

It was a party.

Without doubt Atlanta's Gay Pride Parade was the largest event I attended as a candidate this year. The environment was truly epic and provided epic settings for the following four videos. The rest are stashed over at the Bludgeon & Skewer YouTube channel if you'd care to see them.

It amazes me to think that our states democrat and republican politicians turned a cold shoulder to these citizens and voters of Georgia. I know that the Libertarians were the only political party there because we looked high and low for Nathan Deal, Roy Barnes, Casey Cagle, Carol Porter, Johnny Isakson, Mike Thurmond and all the rest. Not even democrat Mary Squires or republican Ralph Hudgens showed up.

If you missed it this year, be there next year because it's something to see.

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