Sunday, October 31, 2010

Re-Run #16, From 15 SEPT 10, Libertarian Shane Bruce Politickin' at the Package Store

No Sunday Sales has got to go.

A recurring meme in my campaign has been the lack of political choice in our current two party dominant system. Beer or Cigars, loads of choice, politics not so much. I do regret I was not getting around to doing a video shot in a local gunshop, but hey, you do what you can do.

I wonder if either of my formidable opponents drink? I never saw a reference to it during the campaign, which isn't surprising as that is one of the unspoken taboos of political campaigning. You can talk smack about your opponent but don't reveal your preferred brand of beer. I see democrat Mary Squires as a white wine and cheese sort of chick and I'll wager dollars to doughnuts that republican Ralph Hudgens is a whiskey neat kind of guy. In moderation of course.

Vote Libertarian on 2 NOV 10! Vote Shane Bruce for Commissioner of Insurance!

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