Saturday, October 2, 2010

The OODA Loop as Applied to The Commissioner of Insurance Race

Good looking determined kind of guy that John Boyd.

Meet the father of the OODA loop, a technique designed and refined by Ace fighter pilot John Boyd to train other pilots in the merciless art of aerial combat.

Observe, Orient, Decide, Act.

Then do it again if your target is not a flaming mass of wreckage hurtling to earth. It's a beautiful expression of the cycle of events in any conflict, it's the cycle that winners use and losers lament.

So what does the OODA loop have to do with the race for Commissioner of Insurance between republican Ralph Hudgens, democrat  Mary Squires and Libertarian Shane Bruce? Everything.

I'm running an asymmetric campaign based mostly in cyberspace because those are assets I have access to. If you've been following my Quixotic quest to become Georgia's first Libertarian Commissioner of Insurance, you know that I'm part time citizen politician and I have a full time gig that keeps me off the physical campaign trial except for a couple of days each week.  As we head into the final 30 days of this cycle that means I can pull off another 8 personal appearances between now and 2 NOV 10.

That's not enough. 

Fortunately for me my two opponents have settled down into normal campaign rhythms, attending a forum here and a BBQ there. Setting up for the onslaught of radio, TV and direct mail pieces and plotting about the best time to release the all important fund raising numbers to garner some free press and cluck about how the will of the people is reflected by the amounts raised.

How do I offset that? Is it possible to utilize the internet to gain control of Google first page results on a given search phrase? Especially with a time sensitive search parameter? I'd give that a big fat yes.

Example 1 search term Shane Bruce Time Frame 1 week

Example 2 search term Ralph Hudgens Time Frame 1 week

Example 3 search term Mary Squires Time Frame 1 week

I find it astonishing and amusing that I'm affecting my opponents news cycles on Google search. I intend to continue doing so for the next 30 days just to see what happens. 


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