Wednesday, October 6, 2010

News Flash! Democrat Mary Squires and Republican Ralph Hudgens are 6 Days Late on a Required Financial Report

It's True.

Both of my esteemed opponents for the most corrupt office in Georgia are 6 days late with their 30 SEPT 10, thats 30 SEPT 10, once again, that's 30 SEPT 10 campaign finance reports to the State Ethics Commission Website. 

Now every political insider in the state of Georgia knows that there's a grace period for the ultra important 30 SEPT 10 financial filing. And every political insider knows that every serious candidate for office ignores that deadline to buy another week for fundraising operations.

I know I'm not a political insider, I'm a Libertarian. I also know a deadline is a freakin' deadline and that deadlines are supposed to be met. Not pushed off for the convenience of a campaign, not pushed off to inflate fundraising numbers to help with the other lies political insiders routinely tell the voting public.

If Mary Squires and Ralph Hudgens and their assorted staffs and consultants and managers and pollsters and political insiders can't file a report on time, what can they do? 

I  managed to get it done on time. Granted my campaign isn't swamped with insurance industry lobbyists and owners tripping over each other to stuff money in my pockets to curry favor. My campaign is running quite serenely on $225 bucks, most of which I'm gonna donate to the Libertarian Party of Georgia to ensure there's an adequate supply of beer at our Victory Party Bash on the evening of November 2nd. 

And that check won't be 6 days late either.

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