Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mondo-Mega-You'll-Get-Upset-A News!! Republican Ralph Hudgens has $250K in his SEC Filing

I smell blood in the water. Maybe its mine.

Unbelievable. Looks like I won't have to retract my post from earlier today when I said Mary Squires $50K warchest just would not get it done. Who would have thought that republican Ralph Hudgens would only have an 1136 to 1 funding advantage over my $19.95 campaign? I was looking for a cool million. 

Ralph's boys and girls have finally filed and it's up right now at The State Ethnics Commission of Georgia for public view. The readership is encouraged to do a drive by and peruse the contributions report. Free billboards are cool, what do blog posts go for?

As with the summary I did on Mary Squires filing, I offer these interesting Tidbits of Campaign Finance (TCF) info. Ralph picked up a cool $12K from some cat in New Mexico, He's also got a lot of friends in San Francisco that think enough of him to toss in a grand apiece, a $6100 dollar max donation from the dude that owns P&C Insurance and to top it off AFLAC chipped in $12 grand!

That's power politics people. Money is power, Liberty is Truth.

Which will win in Georgia this year? Will standing for principle resonate with the voters or will the people choose to continue down our present path? The future is shrouded in mystery. 

One things for sure, republican Ralph Hudgens is the money leader and by default, he's the one to beat. It killed me to have to come to his defense on the Health Care Mandates issue, but thats a libertarian issue that needs full explanation. Ralph just wasn't gettin' it done. 

I also chide Mary Squires for trumpeting a 1/3 truth. Those types of distortions are 2/3 lies and serve only to mask other injustice. Health Insurance Mandates are bad. Period.

So it's Ralph as the lead horse, Mary about 4 lengths back and I haven't managed to get out of the trailer yet.  Good thing it's got internet.

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