Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Message from Mr. Bludgeon on the Curious Case of Casey Cagle

Just in from the reclusive Mr. Bludgeon.

I haven't paid a whole lot of attention to the Lt Governors race because of my commitments to the Insurance Commissioner's race but my associate Mr. Bludgeon is not as distracted. What with candidate Cagle's past insinuations of mis-behavior and today's revelations that he's the evil mastermind behind the Austin Scott divorce records kefluffel I think I agree with Mr. Bludgeon.

Casey, Say it Ain't So.


Say it ain’t so Casey

Former Louisiana Governor Edwards once suggested that the only way he would lose re-election would be “if he was caught in bed with either a live boy or a dead girl” and it sure looks that way for Republicans here in Georgia come November 2nd. But nobody left or right wants to acknowledge the elephant in the middle of the room. No I’m not talking about Deal’s financial improprieties. I am confident that Eric Holder’s Justice Department will find something; there is just too much evidence of financial misconduct for it to be swept under the rug.

What about Casey Cagle and the alleged Lewinski incident? Use your imagination. Someone’s last name can be used as a verb. The story is out there. Red State neo-con Erik Erickson had something to say about it back in December. So did “Drifting Through The Grift”, “SWAGA Politics”, Jim Galloway and “Peach Pundit”. These are not “progressive” blogs!  Earlier this year during the Republican primary this incident was treated as fact by the Republican faithful. One Democratic statewide candidate confided “it is the biggest non-secret under the gold dome”. Say it ain’t so Casey!

Here at Libertarian Bludgeon & Skewer we couldn’t care less about anyone’s adult consensual sex partners, nor do we care what you smoke for that matter. But you cannot and will not “do it” on the taxpayers’ dime. The Lt. Governor’s office and furniture for that matter is State property and the business conducted in that office should be for the citizens of Georgia, not for personal relief.  Say it ain’t Casey! So, Casey, shoot us an email here at Bludgeon & Skewer, which we will gladly post, and let’s put these allegations to bed. Casey, as the add says “it is day one of living solid” and we need to hear your denial or your confession.


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