Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Libertarian Will Costa is Making His Move in the Labor Commissioner Race

Big News Folks.

Libertarian candidate for Labor Commissioner is getting traction

From the campaign:

Libertarian Candidate has strong showing!

The race for Georgia’s next Labor Commissioner has  become more a 3 way race.
The Libertarian, Will Costa, had a better then expected showing in the October
17the Atlanta Press Club debate. Post debate focus groups and internal polling
have revealed that Will Costa has surprisingly high support from Democrats,
Republicans as well as Libertarians and Independents.

Self proclaimed constitutional Republicans have expressed a high favorable score
toward Costa.  “Will is the only one seeking the Office of Labor Commissioner
who really understands how an economy works” said one middle aged male from the
Macon area.

Democratic voters outside of metro Atlanta felt more comfortable with Costa then
they did with their own parties nominee. “Mr. Costa reminds me of the old
Georgia Democrats who stood up for us in North Georgia”  according to a lady in
her late 60’s.

Independents all seemed to agree that both the Republican and Democrat were the
“poster kids” for what is wrong with elected officials.  “what is up with the he
said he said bickering about girlfriends and minor ethics violations?”

When asked who was qualified to hold the Office, 67 percent of those asked felt
that Costa  was just as or more qualified to hold the Office of Labor
Commissioner as compared to 65 percent for the Democrat and 64 percent for the
Republican.  When polled as to who should be the next Labor Commissioner, the
Libertarian Will Costa was the clear choice with 52 percent of those who

The survey consisted of a cross section of 42 Georgia voters who are likely vote
in the November general election and viewed the Labor Commissioner debate.

General information on Will Costa
Married with one Child

BS in Marketing from Georgia State University

Director of operations for Costa’s Pasta  a 27 year old food processing company.

Past legislative director for the Georgia Libertarian Party

Firm believer in  a “true” free market system, not the artificial system we have
now where tax credits and regulations are used to gain political favor.

For more information about Will Costa or any questions please call 404-867-1138

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