Saturday, October 30, 2010

Libertarian Video Tsunami Wave 2 Blasts Off with a SecState Filing Fee Two Fer!

Part 2 of the wave folks.

It's a good thing the campaign is drawing to a close because even I'm getting tired of it. When you sign on with the Forlorn Hope Unit of the Libertarian Party, you know you're in for a tough slog but you really hope the results will be worth the effort. We'll all know this Tuesday.

In the meantime, I've still got some work to do to finish up the last phases of my asymmetric web based campaign. How's it going? Google Mary Squires or Ralph Hudgens and find out. I'm especially pleased with the 24 hour and one week results and am looking to keep a large results presence until Monday.

So with that I'll start the arduous process of loading another 8 or 9 flipcam videos on the blog and posting them up between now and around 10PM or so. As with yesterday, you can always hide me on FaceBook until the phase is done.

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