Thursday, October 14, 2010

Libertarian Dan Barber Writes a Letter to Neal Boortz

Neal Boortz and his entitlement politics – a letter to Republicans

by Dan Barber 

Neal Boortz recently made the statement that a vote for a Libertarian is a vote taken away from a Republican. He claims this is tantamount to handing victory to any Democrat in the race. He claims, therefore, that voting Libertarian is in effect the same thing as voting Democrat. He’s wrong. Here’s why.

In the 2008 general election, the voters didn’t abandon the Republican Party. The Republican Party had already abandoned them decades ago. Long ago, Republicans abandoned even the pretense of fiscal conservatism and any regard for personal liberty. Voters simply walked away from a dead marriage.

And now Neal Boortz is waving that marriage certificate under your nose. Claiming the Republicans are entitled to your vote simply because they are not Democrats. Well, that’s not good enough. Better than crappy still isn’t good. Why has the Tea Party gained so fast in popularity? Because they know what you know – that Republicans moved so far left trying to take votes from Democrats that they became Democrats in the process.

Neal Boortz would have you believe that there will always be only two parties, and that his is the better one. He’s wrong again. Since the dawn of time, demagogues have claimed that a crappy present is a safer bet than an uncertain future. If everyone believed that, there never would have been an American Revolution. We’d still all be subjects of the British crown.

Neal means well, but he's wrong. You’re not abandoning the Republican Party. They abandoned you, and their principles, decades ago. If you let Neal scare you into voting Republican again, you'll get the same failed policies you've been getting.

Vote with your conscience and your common sense. Vote for freedom. Vote for sanity.

Vote Libertarian.

Dan Barber gets it, Neal Boortz don't. Vote for every Libertarian on the ticket in Georgia this year

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