Friday, October 29, 2010

Libertarian Candidate for US Senate Chuck Donovan issues a Call to Arms!

Your telephone arm that is.

Down to the wire time folks. If you've never been an activist before and you'd like a limited time engagement working for a cutting edge campaign with a super cool candidate, here's your chance.

From the Donovan For Senate Campaign:

What can you do for liberty this weekend?

Dear Citizen,
Write me back right away.  There are only 3 days left until the election.  I need your help calling voters. 

Did you watch the one and only debate?
I know it is a big job to be a well informed voter.  That is why I'm looking for your help getting more voters informed.  We have a phone system that allows us to directly contact "swing" voters.  

We have to get Georgians to vote differently this time, or it won't turn out different this time.

Can you give the campaign some time and work from home?

Many of you have expressed a desire to help.  Using the phone system is simple and may be done from your home anywhere in the U.S.  I am asking friends and supporters to commit to make 25 phone calls.  Write me back directly to get set up immediately for 25 or more personal calls to Georgia voters.     

Voters who hear my message are excited.

The last Tea Party I attended allowed me to speak for 40 minutes, including an open question and answer period.  When I finished, a man I did not know walked up to me and said he only voted for me to protest against the incumbent.  He said he didn't know me before that evening, but now that he heard me in person, he was very glad he gave me his vote.  I am sure the story could be repeated a million more times if Georgia voters had the opportunity to get full information on this race.

The media is not giving Libertarians equal coverage.

Professional journalists won't cover us because we don't win.  When voters don't hear about us they don't vote for us.  Then we don't win and the media gets its self-fulfilling prophecy.

The power elite intentionally put up roadblocks.
It's difficult for hard working,honest Americans just trying to get by, to realize there really is a ruling class that doesn't care about principles.  To established party officials, it's all about who holds onto the elected seats - nothing more.  They cannot handle open discussions about the issues.  They have been actively working to keep my message of liberty away from voters.  They know the record in Washington is indefensible.

Let's show the experts that Americans are ready for a candidate who speaks the truth, stands for liberty and fights to uphold the Constitution.

We have to get Georgians to vote differently this time, or it won't turn out different this time.

Let's not only send career politicians a strong message.  Let's send them a one-way ticket back home.

Matt Godown
Campaign Manager
Donovan for Senate
(770) 314-0799

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