Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Libertarian Candidate for Labor Commissioner Will Costa Recieves The Georgia Tea Party's Ronald Reagan Award

 It's endorsement time Folks.

Libertarian candidate for Labor Commissioner Will Costa has received the Georgia Tea Party's Ronald Regan award. The Press release follows"

  Costa Wins “Ronald Reagan” Job Creator Award 

Suwanee (October 12, 2010) – Georgia Labor Commissioner hopeful Will Costa, L-GA, is honored as a Job Creator by the State of Georgia Tea Party, LLC for his strong stand on reducing rules and regulations on business that kills productivity and profitability. The award is given to members and prospective members of State and Federal office that commit themselves to reducing the overall cost of doing business in the State of Georgia.

“I am very proud to receive this honor from the State of Georgia Tea Party, LLC, because I fully support reduced impediments to profitability and job creation. Profitability is a key ingredient to incentivize entrepreneurs to put at risk valuable investment capital to create jobs. Businesses in Georgia are being strangled by excessive government abuse from the Federal government.” Costa said. “The only way to create jobs is to invest private capital, savings, into productive areas providing goods or services. Rules and regulations erode profitability and any incentive to invest that capital.” Costa said.

Since May 2010, the State of Georgia Tea Party, LLC, a grass roots Tea Party services organization, has worked to give voice to constitutional and fiscal conservatives living with the inspiration of the Founding Fathers. The organization has led a statewide movement to help elect constitutional and fiscally responsible Conservatives. “The Tea Party folks get it, Control must come from the bottom up... not top down! Individuals at the local level are the people who create the jobs, Washington needs to stop micro managing Georgia’s economy. Without the potential for a profit there is no incentive to invest hard earned capital. Without real capital investment of real dollars there is NO job creation.” Costa said.

Costa is committed to trying to reduce and curb rules and regulations that destroy job growth. Costa also understands that lower capital gains and income tax rates also provide incentive for job creation. “For every dollar that leaves Georgia and goes to Washington there is that much less capital that can be used for Job Creation. For every printed dollar that comes to Georgia in the form of a Federal Grant inflation increases and the positive effects of real capital investments are diminished" Costa added.

The State of Georgia Tea Party, LLC is proud to award Will Costa our Ronald Reagan Job Creation Award on behalf of the citizens of the great State of Georgia.

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