Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hot out of the Inbox From Georgia LP HQ

Recap time Folks.

2010 has been busy, busy, busy. From the Georgia Libertarian Party's Vice Chairman, Stephen Vasil:

Dear supporter of the Libertarian Party of Georgia:

In lieu of the traditional weekly newsletter from the party, known to many as the "GLO," we are taking this opportunity to share with you the importance of November 2nd for this state, as well as the Libertarian Party of Georgia.

In just under two weeks, we will witness the results of our efforts this campaign season.  This year, the Libertarian Party of Georgia made history on many fronts, and we look to continue our successes.  In three special elections, we received the highest vote percentages we've ever gotten in State Senate districts 22, 42, and 49.  This is the first time in party history that we have fielded a full slate of candidates for statewide offices.  This election saw the first African-American candidate to appear on the General Election ballot with our Gubernatorial candidate, John Monds.  Until a family emergency caused her withdrawal, we nominated the first female candidate to qualify for the General Election with Dr. Rhonda Martini.  In September, Libertarian Party of Georgia member, Amanda Swafford, joined the ranks of elected Libertarians in this state, as she won a special election for the Flowery Branch City Council by a margin of nearly 2:1 in a nonpartisan race.  This election cycle, we produced our first recommendations for the ballot amendments and the referendum appearing on the November 2nd ballot.   We expect to set records with our vote totals this year.  All of these accomplishments could not have occurred without the support of our members, donors, pledgers, and volunteers.

Commit today to casting your vote FOR each of our statewide officers, and vote "NO" on all of the ballot amendments and the referendum!

With all of the history books needing to be rewritten in 2010 due to the Libertarian Party of Georgia and our stellar crop of candidates, we need your support to help us grow even beyond the tremendous growth we have seen in 2010.  Since the beginning of 2010, our membership has grown by 30%, and we have plenty of room for new and returning members.  We have also seen seven Georgians decide to make a commitment to the state party to become lifetime members.  

Please take this opportunity to join the party or renew your membership, as we prepare to enter 2011, focusing on how we can influence policy across this great state.  We see some of the battles on the horizon, such as the SPLOST special election in Cobb County, various municipal, nonpartisan races across the state, and our continued crusade to give the voters of Georgia a true choice about their elected representatives.  Without your help, our ability to tackle all of these projects as we gear up for the 2012 election will be limited.  If you are already a member of the party, please consider making a monthly or quarterly pledge to the party to help us.

To help us celebrate such a historic, growth-filled, and exciting year for the Libertarian Party of Georgia, please accept this invitation to join us for Election Night at the Georgian Terrace in Atlanta, as we gather among our statewide candidates to watch the election results roll in together.  If you are not a Facebook user, please send us an e-mail indicating your intent for the event on November 2nd.  Expect more details to reach your inbox this weekend.

Thanks so much for what you've done in 2010 to stand up for individual liberty and limited government,

Stephen Vasil

Smaller Government * Lower Taxes * More Freedom

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