Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Greatest Scandal in Georgia History?

Fresh Diebold voting machine news folks.

The hardest working single issue activist in Georgia, Garland Favorito, is conducting a whirlwind tour of Metro Atlanta this week to support his ongoing efforts to bring accountability to our electronic voting systems. Garland has already appeared at the Concerned Citizens of Douglas County meeting at the Douglas County Courthouse on 16 OCT 10 and will be appearing at Manuel's Tavern tomorrow from 2-4PM to make his presentation to the members of the Atlanta Coffee Party, then it's off to the GPB SecState debates to lend his support to Libertarian David Chastain at 6:30PM

Here's the press release:

VoterGA Supporters,

The Greatest Scandal in Georgia History?

There have certainly been more heinous crimes. Examples like the murders at Moore’s Ford Bridge immediately come to mind. But perhaps, no single Georgia scandal has wasted more taxpayer money, damaged a  fundamental right of more people or been as underreported as the unverifiable electronic voting scandal
This is the In-Depth Story – You Decide


I.              A $100 Million Taxpayer Funded Boondoggle

II.             Bi-Partisan Lobbyist Influence Peddling

III.            Destruction of One of Georgians’ Most Fundamental Rights

IV.           A Justice System that Defends Potential Lawbreakers vs. The People

V.           Complaints of Cover-Ups and Politically Motivated Investigations

VI.          Articles of Impeachment Filed in the General Assembly

VII.         The Tradition Continues without Public Awareness

Click Here for the complete report: The Greatest Scandal in Georgia History?
Reference documents can be found at
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