Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Libertarian John Monds has the lead in Jason Pye's Online Poll

Crazy, Daddy-O, Crazy.

Finally a poll that I like. Jason Pye has an online poll running that has Libertarian John Monds leading! It's true!!! I've already voted once and urge the readership to head over at toss their vote in for John. If you're determined to hold your nose and vote for Nathan, go do that somewhere else. 

Here are the results as of right now:

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       Who will be the next president? ... Do you like my new haircut?

Who are you planning to vote for in the gubernatorial race on November 2nd?
Roy Barnes (D) 36%19
Nathan Deal (R) 23%12
John Monds (L) 38%20
Undecided 4%2
53 votes total

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