Monday, October 25, 2010

The Atlanta Press Club/GPB Insurance Commissioner Debate!

The debate is done.

I'm gonna watch this a couple of times before the next post. As far as I can tell, Ralph went off the rails on campaign contributions but came back on the Insurance Premium Tax and calls for reducing the size of Government. Tis a corundum to be sure.

The teapot tempest over my Hawaiian shirt got more press than any other element of the broadcast, rating a mention over at Big Jim Galloway's Political Insider blog and a few comments, good and bad. I've also had a rash of emails along a similar meme, either praising my attire or condemning it. But surprisingly little commentary about the comments made by any of the candidates. 

With one week left until election day, last nights debate will be the only time in this campaign cycle that the voters of Georgia will see all three candidates together. Ralph and Mary did a TV debate this evening down at WRWR 38 in Warner Robbins but that was an invitation only affair and I was not invited. Their loss.

Don't worry, I'll be putting this up on Bludgeon & Skewer every day until we hit 2 NOV 10. Plenty of chances to view it again and make up your minds about who might be the best pick for the job. 

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