Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another Message from Mr Bludgeon on the Curious Case of Casey Cagle

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Another missive on the Curious Case of Casey Cagle from Mr. Bludgeon.

Say It Ain’t So Casey Part Deux  

During last Sunday’s Atlanta Press Club /GPTV debate for State Insurance Commissioner, it was pointed out to the audience by both LP candidate Shane Bruce and Democratic candidate Mary Squires that Republican Ralph Hudgens has accepted a boatload, and I mean a boatload, of money from lobbyists all tied to the insurance industry. When questioned as to how this huge pile of money might affect his perspective on the office, Hudgens admitted proudly that yes, he has accepted a boatload of money and by the way he was a good Christian. Ask yourself this, if Ralph would have said he was a good Jew, Catholic, Mormon or Secular Humanist, would he have skated by so easily?

Now lets transition over to the Lt. Governor’s race.  The allegations of Casey Cagle’s in-office extramarital activities are still out there in the blogosphere and under the gold dome.  The latest is that Cagle has received two “Open Records Requests.”  Please cruise on over to Georgia Politico and read for yourself.   To summarize the scandalous allegations: after the “lewinsky” is interrupted… a cat fight erupts, loud and caustic enough to have possibly notified the Capitol police.

It is now time for both Libertarian Dan Barber and Democrat Carol Porter to step up and ask the question at this Sunday’s debate.   Libertarians couldn’t care less what Cagle does on his own time, but when you’re on the clock and on “company” property with possibly other state employees, it is absolutely the public’s business.  Just like Ralph, I’m sure that Casey is a good Christian, but that does not alleviate the taxpayers right to know what’s going on in the office of Lt. Governor. Barber and Porter need to ask themselves one question: if the shoe was on the other foot what would the Republicans do? Let me tell you this, the Georgia taxpayer knows the answer, now it is up to Barber and Porter to pose the question directly to Casey Cagle. 

Mr. Bludgeon


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