Friday, October 22, 2010

The AJC Chimes in on the Insurance Commissioner Race

The AJC article is up!

I talked with AJC reporter Carrie Teegardin earlier this week as part of her prep for this story. Lovely girl with a sense of humor, too bad none of the discussion we had on Georgia's Retaliatory Tax, uninsured motorists or accepting campaign contributions from people in the industries the Commissioner regulates made the cut for the article. 

Upon reflection, all of us candidates seemed pretty reasonable in Carrie's article. Republican Ralph Hudgens continues his drift towards Libertarianism by talking about individual responsibility, democrat Mary Squires is resigned to trying to make ObamaCare work and it's plain for all to see that Libertarian Shane Bruce is the only candidate in this race that is uninfluenced by lobbyist money.

The readership is encouraged to head over for a rare glimpse of my name in print in the states largest newspaper. And once you're done there, cruise by the Augusta Chronicle for a very different article by Walter Jones, no name mentions for me in that one but where else are you gonna see "swanky" in a story on the Insurance Commissioner race?

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