Thursday, October 7, 2010

7 Days late is Better than Never, Democrat Mary Squires has $50K In the Kitty

The big secret is out.

Looks like my democrat opponent is toast. Poor Mary has burned through $193,000 in campaign expenditures since the last reporting period and is sitting on a $50K warchest to finish her race against me and old Ralph Hudgens. 

She spent $100,000 on a media buy from the fine folks over at Abar Hutton Media out of Virginia. What's wrong with spending money in Georgia Mary? We got media types here and I'm sure they could have used the business. The $12,000 you spent with Dark Horse Media in Atlanta was a step in the right direction, at least they pay taxes here.

In terms of who gave her money in this report cycle, the chicks over at that bastion of democracy "Emily's List" coughed up $4000. That's impressive. Some cat named Hodges from Florida tossed $5000 into the old campaign kitty, a pharmacy PAC hit the $6100 limit and a slew of healthcare types and the usual assortment of insurance company "employees" did their bit as well.

Folks, Don't worry about be pestered by robo calls from my $19.95 campaign. If you want to know more that you already do about my run for the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance then dig around this blog and my old website, there's more that 450 posts or videos of what I think and what I'll do if elected. 

I need your vote, I need your support and if I ever get the donate button up, I'd love a $19.95 donation!

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